Friday, April 9, 2010

HI Mel

Have you ever had a wonderful friend named Melanie? I recommend it. :) Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

coming up for air

Have you ever felt like you were going so fast and doing so many things that you find yourself drowning? Well, the last week I decided to come up for air. We moved November, then the holidays, major renovation of our baby's room, family visiting, traveling and whew time to take a breath. Last week I realized how out of control I felt in my own world. So, I pondered about my life, being a mother, my goals, what I want the most I am breathing. The new year is always such a great time to re-evaluate, renew and remake goals. It took me a few weeks after New Years to really let it set in. So, I took charge, instead of realizing my weaknesses and hiding them making up excuses, I decided to master my life. So, here we go taking charge, making my goals, and keeping them, going for it, making it happen and loving the ride. It's okay that I have weaknesses, it gives me something to work on, a mountain to climb, something to pray about, something to ask for help about and a great way to grow. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dalmatian Plantation

Have you ever watched a movie over and over again until it has become a part of your subconscious, ever etching to come out. Who knew that the obsession started so early?  I didn't even think that Anne, could watch TV; now I know. In the morning or after nap time, I know she is awake because there is a resounding, "aaah--ohh." This means that she has thrown her binki out of her crib. I pick her up and the first thing she says is, "ohhhh, woof woof," and points out of her room. She continues to point so that I will follow her directions. She points towards the living room and to the big front window. There is a large golden retriever across the street. She stands on the back of the couch 'woofing' at it. The first week we were here she thought it was a cougar and would growl at it. Now she knows its a big dog. After a few minutes of that, she points to the TV, looks at me with honest sweet eyes, calks her head to the side, extends her arm and hand and says, "Oh, woof woof woof." Meaning in her one year old smarty pants mind, "gee, mom, I am so cute, see (smile)... and because I am so sweet I should be able to watch 101 Dalmatians for the millionth time....yup!" 
So for the past two weeks we have turned on the 'woof woof' movie at least once a day. She doesn't watch it unless the dogs are barking, she will read books play with toys and look up to see the dogs in action. Her favorite part is "The Twilight Bark." But now I find myself singing, "We'll have a Dalmatian Plantation, where our population can grow."  I will be doing the dishes and just start whistling "If she doesn't scare you no evil thing will."  I am even singing it my dreams.  Seriously, disturbing.  I thought I could persuade her with some other animal movies, thinking she would love them, Bambi was a big flop, Nemo, not interested. So for now we are stuck and I find myself saying, "I'm hungry mother, I really am," and "We'll find them before you can say, Bob's your uncle." 

Monday, November 9, 2009

whew.....whew...and whew

So, sorry that I haven't posted in a very long time. 
We are in our new house and loving it. We've
been so busy packing and unpacking and then
being sick for two weeks on top of that, we're
bushed. So, were alive; pictures to come when
the pictures get up on the walls!!! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

Whew, this has been the fastest year of my life! 
Saturday, my little baby turned 1 years old!!!
What happened to the last 12 months of my life...
well, there has been a lot of learning, crying,
developing, growing and that was just me. 
No, seriously, this has been the best year of
our lives. Scott and I can hardly believe
that it went by so quickly. We are sooooo
grateful for the many tender mercies and answered
prayers. You would never ever know that Anne 
was a premie baby. She is absolutely perfect.
Our little Miracle.
A year ago I sat in the NICU holding my perfect 
little baby (7 weeks earlier than I thought I would); 
I whispered to her that I was so excited to be her mom and 
that I had so many things to teach her. Then an overwhelming
feeling came over me that, I would be the one learning 
from her. How true that is. She has taught me so much 
about love, laughter, letting things go, enjoying the 
simplicity of life, how to listen to the Holy Ghost,
how to have greater patience and most especially 
about true JOY!
She is a miracle in our lives daily. Her smile blesses my
heart thousands of times a day. We love her! 
We are soooo very grateful that she is ours forever.
Being a mommy is the greatest blessing I have
ever enjoyed. Happy Birthday, Anne!

Above is Anne, one week old. Below is one year old.
Same outfit. 
Anne had cousins, uncles, aunts and her grandparents 
at her party.  Thank you everyone for coming. 
We love you!
She was so excited about all of her gifts. She gets 
excited about the smallest things. I love that about her.
And I love that she loves her little baby doll and 
kisses her all the time. What a cute little mini momma
She was such a lady about eating her cake, she 
would take a little frosting flower one at a time
and taste it. She got into it, but still was a lady 
about the whole thing. 

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh, they say when you marry in... August!?

Hip- Hip- Hooray! Cassie and John were married 
last week! Whew! It was a beautiful day, a little ...okay, a lot windy.
This is them leaving the reception. They are were sooo happy 
and ready to move on to married life.  Cassie looked so 
beautiful. I don't think I have ever cried so much during
a wedding before. Shhhhhesh, I guess it is different when
it is your own sister getting married. 
She was married in the Logan Temple. So, we were
 able so see some friends from there. It was especially fun to 
see Danielle; she was a YW leader for both Cassie and me. 
I don't think that your YW leaders ever know how much they 
mean to you. Sooooo, Danielle, I love you bunches.
Thank you for loving all of us YW!  There are not words to express
enough thanks.  We were so crazy thanks for loving us through it all: 
especially, late nights at girls camp, hundreds of Sunday lessons,
singing, hundreds of mutual activities and etc.  Mostly, 
thank you for letting us into your heart, we could feel it. 
You are amazing!!!
Of course Scott spent the majority of the day taking pictures of
his favorite girl, Anne.

Cassie was so funny, she wanted to wear her dress
all the day and she did. She wore it in the temple, out 
for pictures, to the luncheon, on the drive back to I.F.(2 1/2 hrs),
went mini golfing in it, then to the reception, and jumped 
on the tramp at the reception, too.! Way to go  Sista, 
get the wear out of  that baby, you'll never be able to wear again.
My sister Clarissa and I were bridesmaids, and we had 
very pretty dresses that many  people complimented.
But they were poofy, we called them our fru-fru-cupcake dresses.
But it was really fun! She is the bestest littlest sista ever. She is
also the best babysitter ever. She is amazing with Anne. 
Besides Scott and I, Aunt Rissy-Do-Da is her fav.
That is my brother John, he is also an awesome uncle and Anne
is starting to like playing with him too.
What a blessing to be near family.
By the end of the day this is how Anne felt. No, actally,
she is just showing off her teeth and growling at Daddy. 
It was a wonderful day!!! Thanks Cassie and John !
Thank you to every one who helped and came to support.
If there is one thing that I know... it is that families
can be together forever! I know it, through my entire
being. I know that those of our family that have
passed before us are not lost forever, we will see
 them again. It is true... families can be together forever.
Watching as Cassie and John created their new family 
as they were married was so... so... nope no words,
wonderful... nope not enough... the plan of true and 
forever happiness at its best. 
It was so fun to have Joseph (my oldest bro.) and his 
sweetheart of a wife there too, Jill. She is so fun! It was
some what ironic to have her be so prego at Cassie's,
wedding, when exactly a year earlier I was just as prego
at their wedding. Yeah, for new babies. 
"It's the circle of life..." hahahhahahahah 
wow time to be done.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh, what do you do in the Summer time?

Do you go to family reunions? 
Where you play the piano with great-grand cousins?
Do you turn 10 months old, 11 next week?
Do you play with Daddy outside at reunions?
Do you have pie eating contests at reunions?
Do you play on the slip n' slide in your clothes cause it's real HOT?
Do you love time with mom?
Do you go to girls camp?
Or swim in a pool, soaking up your diaper?
Or make homemade root-beer at a family bbq and swim party?
Do you make fun of Daddy and Grandpa sitting in the pool?
So do I.........